Sallychan (sallangel) wrote in cute_boots,

A (probably rubbish) bout of romantic poetry + a doctor graphic

Yay- who else enjoyed Voyage of the damned? I didn't enjoy it first time- but the second time won me over! I loved the kiss- so here is a random poem I very quickly scribbled up after I'd watched it... Comment if ya want! Written from Astrid's perspective

Astrid- to the Doctor

Kiss you until the starlight fades
The hand on my face of an old man's age
A heart so beautiful yet tainted black
with the memories of me, and the ones you can't bring back

Tumbling like a rock you see me fall
but my eyes don't see yours-
I'm not there at all
I'm in a different and most wonderful place
I can touch the universe's edge- I'm flying in space

The snow is still falling, and will do forever
I'll watch ‘til you, and your love be together
the time passed so quickly, the moments now gone
But like the stars shining brightly, your eyes and me,
we have shone

Photobucket Words by yours truely :)

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